Strawberry Sweets a New Way

- 3 heart shaped pieces of challah bread (I used a giant cookie cutter)
- your favorite french toast batter (I used 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of milk, 1/4 tsp vanilla, and 1/4 tsp cinnamon)
- 3 large sliced organic strawberries
- 2 pads of salted butter
- 2 tbs of Mascarpone Cheese
- 2 tbs of Nutella (ZOMG, right?)
*optional whipped cream*

Ok lover, once you get your bread cut up into hearts and your french toast batter whisked, heat your skillet to medium high and melt some butter.  Then lightly submerge your challah for a hot sec into the batter.  After you dredge each piece, carefully place on your skillet without getting too much drip-age everywhere.  I created a nice little trail (on accident) so cupid would know where to find me. yep.
Once the hearts become nice and beautiful on each side, take them off your skillet and let them cool for a few minutes.  You don't want to melt the mascarpone too soon.  
Once they are the perfect temperature (i prefer room-temp) gently spread on your mascarpone.  If you've never had this fancy schmancy type of cheese, let me melt your heart and tell you about it.  It's a sweet Italian creamy soft cheese that is kind of like mix of ricotta, whipped cream, and cream cheese. Super yummy.
Now lay on some of those pretty, pretty strawberries.  I was so excited when I was at Whole Foods today because they had just gotten a shipment in from Florida (my home state!). It was like a special little Valentines Day gift that they gave me without even knowing - besides the fact that they were like 6 bucks for a tiny little carton, but whatevs.
Now for my favorite part - THE NUTELLA.  I just love this stuff sooo much. I've heard about people getting getitng in questionable situations with this stuff, and sometimes I fear that in the right time and place and with the right amount of alcohol I could do something a little weird too. But anyways, before i freak you out even more - go ahead and spread on half the nutella onto one heart. COME ON, it's valentines day.
Now stack it on top, nutella side down and then smear some MORE nutella on the other side.  Gluttony awaits you.
 Now some more berries!
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