How To Make Caprese Stuffed Burgers

Your favorite blend of ground beef.
I used an 80/20 blend because I think the extra fat makes them juicy.
Real bacon bits.
Or crumbled up bacon that you have made.
Grape tomatoes
Fresh mozzarella
Fresh basil leaves
Steak seasoning - or your favorite burger seasoning blend.
Your favorite buns and accompaniments

Season your hamburger meat well, just the way you usually make them.  Make the middle portion of a patty thinner than the edges.
Start filling.  I am adding some bacon for a great smoky flavor.
Add in some grape tomatoes that have been quartered.  I chose these because they are super sweet, and also because they don't have a lot of liquid in them to make anything soggy.  Choose whichever type you like best.
Add in some pieces of lovely fresh mozzarella.  Oh I can just taste it now!
Add in some fresh basil that you have cut into ribbons.  Cut them as small or large as you would like.  Totally your choice.  Just be careful to keep all of your fillings in the center portion.  I seasoned up the middle of the patty as well.  I used Montreal Steak Seasoning, but you can use any brand or seasoning blend that you like.
Do the same thing with another patty... thin in the middle, thicker on the edges.
Make a burger "sandwich" out of them.
Mold and seal the pieces of meat together.
Get your grill really hot and throw them on.  This happens to be a cold, dark evening in December, so I opted for the grill pan inside the warm house.
Grill them as you usually would.
This was one of the reasons that I wanted the middle portions to be quite a bit thinner than the edges.  I wanted to be sure it was cooked through.
And just take a good look at this baby!!!  WooHoo!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE warm, melty cheese!  The burger was nice and juicy and the filling was sublime.  The bun, however, was tiny.  Oh well.  It was a humorous end to the story.

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